In Burgas is more than 40 percent of the mass tourism

The territory of Burgas is carried over 40% of mass tourism in the country. She has visited most of the foreign and Bulgarian tourists and borders with Turkey, which is also a significant factor in international tourism.

Bourgas region includes attractive shares of East Stara Planina, the northern spurs of Strandja, Strandja NP, eastern parts of the Upper Valley, Burgas Valley and others. Includes the east coast South Black Sea, which is most attractive for the development of tourism.

The area offers a combination of recreational marine mass tourism route-cognitive, rural, cultural and ecotourism in a region with an exceptional variety of natural and anthropogenic tourist resources.

The geographical location of the area is extremely favorable and transport connections to major tourist attractions in the area is fully ensured by the international airport, ports, railway station, access road.

Climatic conditions in the region is driven by its geographical position. On its territory combines several climatic influences as the most pronounced is transitional continental climate. The impact of the Black Sea and Mediterranean is appreciable. Gr. Malko Turnovo was declared a climatic health resort of national importance since 1967 extremely favorable climatic and sea treatments are all the settlements along the Black Sea.

Sveti Vlas resort village nestled in the eastern foothills of the Stara Planina, near the beach. The coast of St. Vlas is developing as the most picturesque seaside resort in Bulgaria turned fully to the south, a Bulgarian Riviera, which starts at the seaside resort Sunny Beach, the village itself comprises the complex "Elenite" and ends at Cape Emona. Sunny days are here for one to two times more than in the Northern Black Sea coast. The presence of air currents between the sea and mountain gorge makes a remarkable natural phenomenon and cleared of any particulate air and other stimuli. The natural marine aerosol, combined with the fresh mountain air are natural resources with a powerful healing effect on asthma and others. chronic lung diseases.

The waters of the Black Sea are less salty, sea temperatures allows bathing from April until November, which makes very attractive southern coast.

An important resource for tourism in the area are mineral springs near the town of Bourgas, around which are developed spa resorts - Bourgas Mineral Baths. Spa resort is near Banevo with 36l/sek flow. and 410 t C is recommended for diseases of the bones - joints, neurological, gynecological, thrombophlebitis and other diseases. Used and healing mud from Lake Atanasov.

Balneological developed in Pomorie. It is made material and technical base, which includes balneolechebnitsi, rest homes, swimming pools.

By Pomorie lake was built first in Eastern Europe "Museum of Salt." In the southern part of lake mud CE yields for sanatoriums in the city and the north is used for traditional salt, retained more than 2000 years. The lake is a protected area since 2001, Important Bird Area of national importance, Ramsar site since 2002 - announced because of its uniqueness, one of the two lagoons in the Black Sea turned into salt. Here are found several species of Red Data Book of Bulgaria as toyna - the biggest field in the country, Tartar spurge and sea wormwood. The greatest value is ornithological wealth. Lake meets the first birds of passage in autumn Via Pontica 'and dikes can be observed overflights sea pelicans and storks. Pomorie Lake is a good example of coexistence of traditional human activities such as salt and kalodobiv and rich biodiversity.

Burgas is surrounded by three lakes in nature - Atanasovsko, Vaya and Mandra. They along with the Pomorie Lake, form the largest complex of natural wetlands in the country, with total area of 9500 ha. Only here in Bulgaria and the Black Sea basin are preserved traditional salt - and those of Atanasovsko Pomorie Lake. In lakes are set 340 of all 400 species of birds listed for the country. Because of its uniqueness four lakes are declared Ramsar sites and species richness of them as Important Bird Areas.

The unique combination of sea, lakes, mountains, rivers, exotic vegetation and diversity of animal and plant species, along with the traditions and authentic culture and customs, provide endless opportunities for tourism development.

Are very attractive beaches on the South Black Sea coast, cliffs and bays. In the area included the largest Gulf of Burgas, Black Sea, and numerous small, secluded coves along the coast - Sozopol, Kavatsite Paraskeva, Zigra, Stomopolu, Devil and more.

Direct contact with beautiful landscapes, the ancient cross-roads and dotted by the ruins of castles and monasteries enables the development of cultural and ecotourism very good in the Bourgas region. Resource for development of this type of tourism objects are as prehistoric settlement mounds, Thracian tombs and archaeological finds from Roman and Byzantine times. Prehistoric village and Thracian burial mounds.

Dominated the Black Sea coast base, which is owned by private developers. The interior is predominantly a small family business.

The area offers an unusual combination of mass seaside tourism and alternative tourism in a region with exceptional biodiversity. Bulgarian investors are mostly focused on the Black Sea coast as it applies to both small and big business for seeking new opportunities. Specific existing practice are offered tourist boat on the river Ropotamo Veleka, Vaya lake.

Black communities have the greatest potential for tourist development and therefore set up special tourist infrastructure that serves visitors focuses particularly on their territory.

Material base of tourism is concentrated mainly in urban areas and resorts along the coast. This is due to both natural processes urbanization of the territory and targeted policy planning. Dominated coastal resort complex, private fund, family and boarding holiday homes.

While private accommodation fund is relatively new and somewhat tailored to individual recreation, etc. "light vacation facilities, including campsites is morally and physically battered. The reasons are mainly unclear ownership and lack of initial capital of restituted property.

The accommodation and resources for housing in the region are mainly located near the Black Sea coast - in the resort of Sunny Beach, Elenite, Duni, MMC - Primorsko Holiday Village "downtown," camping "South "Oasis," Arapya "Nestinarka, Dolphin, Coral, Kavatsite.
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